Seller Tips: Proven Home Staging Strategies

Selling your home these days requires much more than just a “for sale” sign. Even in low inventory markets, buyers still have options when looking for their new home. If you want your house to sell quickly and for your desired price, you need stage it correctly or you risk losing a potential buyer. You might be surprised about the little things that you need to do in order to maintain a buyers interest in your home. Agents in Idaho have talked about this on their blog at, it’s universally essential. Here’s some valuable tips and tricks.

Remove Clutter

The most important thing you can do when you stage your home is to remove clutter. Take everything off of the kitchen counters, pack up clothing, take books off of the bookshelves, remove children’s toys from view, and any other knick knacks that don’t add to the room’s appeal. Also, you’ll want remove furniture from rooms that is not essential. Don’t make it empty, but by having only a few ideal items, the room looks bigger and buyers can picture themselves in the home more easily.  You may want to invest in a storage unit to temporarily store these items until you move. Think of this de-cluttering as a head start on the moving process you will need to undergo eventually anyway. You will need to depersonalize your home at the same time by removing photos, collectibles, and other personal items. Buyers need to see your home and  picture themselves being owners.

Simple Fixes

The second thing you will need to do is take care of those simple fixes around the house. Take a quick run to the hardware store and get everything you need to take care of any maintenance issues with your home. You don’t need to remodel your kitchen, but things like leaky faucets and paint touch-ups need to be addressed.  You don’t want these to be found when the buyer has an inspection done and jeopardize the sale.  Also, you will need to tidy up your yard and landscaping: rake up any leaves, get rid of weeds, fix the fence, and water and trim the yard. Having a healthy lawn is something you will need to address weeks in advance, so it will provide a pleasant, all-important first impression when the buyers come. Some great examples of high quality homes with carefully manicured landscapes are in Boise, Idaho.

Clean Up

The third thing you will need to do to stage your home is deep clean every room in your house. Even a little bit of dust or dirt can turn off a potential buyer. You will need to thoroughly clean every surface in your home. Wash the walls, clean the baseboards, shampoo the carpets and clean all the appliances. Do not cut corners on this step, really take take the time to clean your home and it will definitely impress any potential buyers.


The final step to step to staging your home is decorating. Consider displaying attractive accents such as plants, non-personal photos and artwork, area rugs or flowers. Invest in softer, lower wattage bulbs which can be more flattering in rooms compared to brighter, higher wattage bulbs. Many sellers try baking bread and putting on fancy scents, but these tried-and-true techniques will do the most for sellers.  Your top-notch realtor, Anita Clark, will be able to give you home-specific staging tips and will be able to answer any decor questions you may have. If you follow these steps and the instructions of your realtor, you will have a much greater chance to sell your home in this competitive market, not to mention the money you make on a higher sale price.


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