Above-Ground Vs In-Ground Pools: Pros & Cons

Ah, your very own swimming pool; it’s on the wish list of many Warner Robins GA homeowners. When hot summer days roll around, the thought of being able to cool off any time in your very own swimming pool is very appealing. Your kids will love it, too; Swim University reports that 41 percent of American swimmers are between the ages of seven and 17.

However, before you jump right into the deep end and buy that swimming pool, there are some things you should know. Your main consideration will be whether to purchase Above-Ground Vs In-Ground pools.

Pool Appearance

Some homeowners believe that an in-ground pool will offer a more pleasing and integrated look on their property. However, they should be aware that major renovations and changes to the landscaping of the yard will be required in order to accommodate an in-ground pool. Some above-ground pools can look awkward and “tacked on” to the property. However, there are a variety of above-ground pool styles and designs on the market that are more aesthetically pleasing than in the past. Adding a deck and outdoor lighting can enhance the look of either style of pool.

Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool

Above-ground pools are quite a bit less expensive than below ground models. The InTheSwim.com website mentions that above-ground pools offer all of the recreation and enjoyment without the expense, permanence and commitment of an in-ground pool. The average in-ground pool costs about $21,919 compared to the average above-ground pool cost of only around $6,243. There’s simply less work required for the installation of an above-ground pool, and no need for excavation, excess supplies or labor costs. In-ground pools may also be taxed as property improvements, whereas above-ground pools generally are not (check your state’s laws on this issue to be sure.)

Pool Maintenance

All pools require a certain level of maintenance and upkeep. Filters, chemicals and surface cleaners will be necessary purchases. Overall, there really isn’t much difference in the monthly cost of chemicals and cleaning of either style of pool. (Bear in mind that if you don’t have a deck installed around your above-ground pool it will be harder to vacuum). The average cost per month for pool maintenance for either type of pool is $87.50. There are a number of smartphone apps on the market that can help you to keep track of when to clean your pool. For example, the HowsMyWater app uses your phone’s camera to take a photo of a pool test strip and, based upon the color of the strip, will make recommendations about your pool’s chemistry.

Swimming Pool Longevity

The average lifespan of the structure of an above-ground pool is seven to 15 years, although the liner tends to last from five to nine years before it needs to be replaced. The longevity of an in-ground pool is contingent upon the type; fiberglass will last 20 years or more. A vinyl pool structure will last just as long, but liners will have to be replaced every six to 11 years. Concrete lasts the longest, but it will have to be resurfaced every nine to 13 years.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Vic Brincat

Above-Ground Vs In-Ground Pools: Pros & Cons

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