All Moved In: New Home Essentials for First-Time Homeowners

As a first-time homeowner, new purchases for the home may not be your top priorities. Unpacked boxes are stacked to the ceiling. You’re without cable and Internet. You’ve eaten takeout all week and haven’t changed your sweatpants. As the dust finally settles though, you’ll start to envision your dream home. But after a down payment, mortgage and moving expense, finances are tight. Still, some items are worth the splurge. How can you enjoy your new home if you’re still sleeping on an ancient mattress from college and using hand-me-down kitchenware?  Do not despair, below is a list of new home essentials for first-time homeowners.

New Home Essentials for First-Time Homeowners Furnishings

Your couch ashamedly looks as if it’s been through a battlefield — dragged along from one apartment to another. This couch’s home should be on the side of the road, not in your new house. A living room is the focal point. You can’t have poor furnishings aesthetically detracting from the space. To accommodate a tight budget, upgrade your living space with affordable IKEA sofas, such as a fabric KARLSTAD sofa or leather seats.

As your personal place of rest and refuge, your bedroom deserves attention, as well. Take the old mattress and outdated frame to the dumpster. With an empty bedroom, it’s a more convenient space for a bed and mattress delivery. Upgrade your bedroom by easily searching Macy’s mattresses & beds by size, such as iComfort or Tempur-Pedic, online. Pair your mattress with new bedding in cobalt or trellis coral.


Your new kitchen is the hotspot for where your family and friends will gather and socialize, whether it’s for a dinner party or birthday celebration. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking aficionado or frozen food one kitchen essential that’s worth investing in is a crock pot. Any cook who knows their way around the kitchen will tell you it’s the best kitchen invention. It’s easy to use, effortless and saves time. Is stew, chili, or pulled pork on the menu? Just toss the ingredients in the pot, set the slow cooker, and voila! Eight hours later, you’re indulging in a gourmet meal. The crock pot is an independent cooker. While cooking, you can run errands or work all day. Best of all, you didn’t need a degree to make some dinner magic.


While moving into your new home, you’ll want to plan ahead and set goals for any interior renovations. Replace old carpeting with beautiful hardwood flooring installations. Changing out the worn-out linoleum floor in the kitchen or bathroom is more convenient and easy-to-do in an empty home. You’ll find yourself displaced and even living in a hotel as contractors install new flooring if you choose this type of renovation. Flooring also serves as an aesthetic statement in a particular space. It sets the tone for an interior-design theme and style. Investing in a distressed hardwood floor or stone marble tile from the beginning can be the first step toward achieving your dream home.

All Moved In: New Home Essentials for First-Time Homeowners

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