Buyer Tips: Find the Right Home with the Help of a Buyer Checklist

Are you ready to purchase a home? If home-ownership is in your future, there are several things you need to be sure to address before finalizing your purchase. By following this buyer checklist, you will be sure to get the right home to suit your real estate needs at the best price possible.

Preparing the Finances

Buyer Tips: Find the Right Home with the Help of a Buyer Checklist “Before you even start looking at homes, you first need to make sure your finances are in proper order,” states Realtor Eric Bramlett. If your credit history is poor or if you are already struggling to pay your monthly bills, now certainly is not the right time for you to buy a home.

Instead, you should be working toward repairing your credit history and accumulating the funds necessary for a down payment. Getting this step completed is key to finding the right home at the right price!

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

If your finances are in order, you should then look for the right neighborhood to suit your needs. When choosing a neighborhood, be sure to consider your current situation as well as your future plans.

If you already have kids then schools may be a major consideration. Those with medical needs might need to be close-by medical facilities. Other important considerations include, access to on-site and off-site amenities, highway access, how much crime the area has, proximity to places of worship, and even the general upkeep of the neighborhood can make a difference.

If you are planning to have a family or if you are pursuing a job in a particular area, these factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right location and amenities for your unique needs.

Deciding What You Need in a Home

Find the Right Home with the Help of a Buyer Checklist After narrowing down the neighborhoods where you would like to live, you then need to determine what you need a home. Remember, what you need and what you want may not be one in the same. For example, while you may want an in-ground swimming pool, the cost and time associated with maintaining a pool may not work well within your lifestyle.

Certain amenities and features will significantly drive up the cost of the home. Therefore, you should make a list of the things you need as well as a list of those things you want. This way, you can better prioritize what you are looking for in a home while also more effectively communicating with a real estate agent.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Finally, you should hire a qualified real estate agent who has experience with helping people purchase homes in the neighborhood where you wish to live. By hiring an experienced real estate agent, you can be sure he or she will have the professional connections necessary to assist you with completing your inspection and with hiring other professionals that may be necessary to assist with closing on your new home.

Consulting with professionals will ensure you obtain the best deal as you find the home of your dreams. The right property for your needs is out there, so follow this buyer checklist to ensure you find the property that best fits your needs.

Find the Right Home with the Help of a Buyer Checklist

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