Home Seller FAQ: Can I Be Present During Showings?

A common question sellers often ask me is, “Can I Be Present During Showings?”.  Absolutely, it is your home and you can do whatever you wish.  However, WHY would you want to be present when prospective buyers are getting up-close-and-personal with your property?  Below are my top 3 reasons why sellers should NOT be present when their home is being shown.

  1. Home Seller FAQ: Can I Be Present During Showings? You will say too much.  The buyers agent is savvy and will pickup on key things you mention which could cost you plenty of $$$ once negotiations start.  Also, what may be an innocent statement might be taken in a completely different light by buyers.
  2. It is personal and your feelings may get hurt.  What if the buyers dislike the mural you painstakenly painted in little Sally’s room?  Can you handle hearing your decor is not liked?  What if you are told the home has a “funny” smell?  If you get defensive the mood changes and buyers will be ready to leave.
  3. Simply put…It is awkward.  Buyers need time to check out every nook-and-cranny, talk through what they are seeing, and imagine their family and possessions in the home.  With the seller (YOU) tagging along, they may feel rushed or pressured, and will not take the time to see all the home has to offer.

No one knows your home as well as you do, so if you communicate to your Realtor everything you want buyers to know about your house, he/she can put together a packet of information that can be left for potential buyers.  This is a good way to show off, point out, or bring tidbits to prospective buyers attention without running into any of the 3 pitfalls above.

Providing sellers with smart real estate advice is one of the many reasons to employ the services of a well qualified Warner Robins Real Estate Professional!

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