Tips To Stage A Bedroom To Sell Your Home

Stage A Bedroom To Sell Your Home

A bedroom can feel like a friendly, serene retreat when staged appropriately. As a matter of fact, according to the National Association of Realtors March 2019 report, staging the bedroom was the second-most critical and pivotal space for home buyers. For that reason it is critical for home sellers to understand how to stage a bedroom to sell your home!

Of the agents of the home buyers surveyed, forty-two percent claimed it was the most crucial space to stage, ahead of the kitchen (thirty-five percent), and just behind the living room (forty-seven percent). For this reason, if you are planning to sell your home, consider staging the bedrooms.

Staging a bedroom can be, for the most part, a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. For a little help, here’s how to stage a bedroom to sell your home faster. So, take a read!

High-quality Mattress And Pillows

Staging a bedroom is something most sellers must do if they would want to receive many offers on their property. Home sellers must make an effort to show homebuyers what benefits they can get if they purchase the home.

With that said, it’s best to change the mattress of the bedrooms. You need to make home buyers feel like they can be comfortable in the room. And a premium mattress can do the trick. There is a sea of options out there, so, take the time to shop for a mattress.

Moreover, aside from the mattress, pillows are also important. Consider the purple pillow. It is designed to bring cool and comfort all night. I have two and they are incredible!

Fresh Coat Of Paint Bedroom Staging That Sells

Do you recall the last time you coated paint to the walls in the room you are staging? If you think it has been a while, then now is the best time to add a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It’s particularly true if you, at the moment, have a color that could possibly turn homebuyers off.

Opt for a subtle, toned-down, neutral tone that will undoubtedly make your bedroom more calming and comfortable. A light blue or gray will add a unique serenity and peace to a bedroom that most home buyers will surely appreciate.

Upgrade The Lighting

Searching for the correct lighting option for a bedroom can be a tricky task. Of course, you do not want something that is too overpowering and bright. However, you do not want something that is too dim, as well.

When the lighting in your room is not great, think of incorporating new lighting fixtures that’ll add the correct amount of light to the bedroom. Consider attaching the lighting fixture to a dimmer as it will give buyers the opportunity to personalize the lighting to match their needs.

Get Rid Of Any Clutter

For sure, you’re probably guilty of keeping clutter in your bedroom. Well, most people do. From magazines and books to shoes and clothes, it is rather simple to organize a collection of clutter in a room.

Remove all of the clutter! Ideally, you must do this throughout the house when you are planning to sell it. Ideally, the bedroom is one area that you don’t want to, for the most part, leave clutter. This mess will only make a room feel more cramped and busy than it actually is. It will turn buyers off and make them think that the bedroom will be cramped and busy as well if they purchase the house.

Upgrade Your Window Treatments

If you have resided in your home for a very long period, then perhaps you don’t recognize the window treatments you have draping up anymore. If you sell your house, take the time to examine and study if it is time to upgrade them.

There are many ways to make the space in the bedroom feel more open by selecting the correct window treatments, for instance, drapes. It can be mounted to make a bedroom feel taller.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on such updates if you’re budget doesn’t allow you to. Nevertheless, you can modify the feel and look of a bedroom by merely changing old window treatments for brand-new ones. Subtle changes like this can make a world of difference, and can increase your selling opportunities, as you do your best to stage a bedroom to sell your home

Add Homey Scents

You are, for the most part, having been made less sensitive at this point in time. However, your home probably has a particular smell or scent to it that home buyers will notice. Therefore, before you tour buyers to your home, consider buying several scented candles that’ll fight off the smell and change it with something buyers will like. When you pick the correct scent for it, you can make the bedrooms feel welcoming and warm.

New Comforter How to Stage Your Bedroom

Except if you just purchased your bedroom comforter this year, there is a high probability that the comforter you utilize each and every night has perhaps perceived better days. It is not what you would like other people to see when they enter the bedroom.

With that said, consider investing in a sophisticated comforter that’ll help sell your room as being a spot to relax and unwind. Create a bed that looks as welcoming and enticing as possible so that homebuyers feel like they do not want to get out of the bedroom.

Keep in mind that homebuyers will most probably envision what it will be like for them to go to the bedroom at the end of a tiring day. Thus, you must make it as inviting as possible.

Use Mirrors

Some people don’t want to see small-spaced, cramped bedrooms. They have a difficult time visualizing what it will seem like once they place their things into it. However, if your bedroom is on the smaller side, worry not.

You can strategically use mirrors to make the space seem larger. It is stunning what at least two mirrors can do to a bedroom that would actually look too small. Mirrors expand the space in the bedroom by reflecting light from lighting and windows.

They don’t use any visual space, and rather, they multiply it. Mirrors are an affordable way of filling the gaps on your walls. Hang them across windows to reflect the light in your room. Also, you can hang a mirror over a piece of artwork to make it stand out.

There is no denying that small bedrooms can be difficult to stage. Modern home buyers would want to have lots of space, and they can ignore your house if your bedroom is on the small side. However, don’t despair.

Just decorate with mirrors to make your room please as many homebuyers as possible. You won’t only boost its size visually. Hence, you will make it cozy and stylish.


Homebuyers want to visualize and imagine themselves residing in the home. Therefore, get rid of your personal things, such as keepsakes and family photos. Change framed family pictures with architecture or landscape images. Also, it is essential to get rid of named decorations and monogrammed towels or pillows.

Key Bedroom Staging Opportunities Bedroom Staging Tips and Tricks

All of the options below are simple and effective ways to put the bedroom you are staging in its best light. Moreover, these can all be accomplished without spending a fortune.

Stage A Bed

It is critical to have a headboard to make a bedroom feel polished and complete. Not only a mattress on a metal frame. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy an affordable headboard from a local store, create a headboard, or buy second hand.

Moreover, linens make your room feel welcoming and warm. Leverage white bedding to bestow the feeling of a luxury hotel. If you buy it brand new, you can bring it to your new house. Stage the bed appropriately with accent throw pillows, a neat duvet or bedspread, and hospital corners.

Stage A Dresser

Not like built-in storage space or a closet, homebuyers are not likely to see what is inside the dresser, because it is not covered in the sale. However, decorate or furnish the top of the bedroom dresser to boost the overall design of the bedroom.

Utilize the rule of threes when decorating, organizing things in odd numbers because it’s pleasing to the eye. Choices comprise fresh flowers, small frames, books, a table lamp, succulents, or an empty jewelry box.

Stage A Nightstand

Generally, your bedroom has ample space to place a nightstand on both sides of the bed. However, if you can only fit one, then that is okay too. But ensure to stage either way. Choose bedtime-ready things such as a tidy heap of books, then decorate with a framed generic photo or flowers. Keep personal things such as retainers, water glasses, CPAP machines, medications, or glasses away. Also, get rid of your alarm clock.

Stage A Closet

Whatever size the closet is, it is crucial that it appears spacious and large enough. Thus, it must be at least half full. You do not want homebuyers to open the closet and see it jammed pack. They will only think that the house does not have enough storage space.

Aside from removing your belongings, consider investing in organizers. Keep in mind that a closet has no purpose without an organizer. For the most part, a huge closet must-have double rods to leverage the whole space.

Furthermore, it would be best to clear the hamper. A flooding hamper is the worst closet staging approach. Although your home is on sale, anticipate to do laundry more frequently than the usual and place them away as soon as it is dry.

Staging A Guest Bedroom

Guide to Staging Children's Rooms

More often than not, guest bedrooms are a marina spot for things such as unused luggage, books, crafts, toys, furniture, and all sorts of things. However, homebuyers would want to see the space as a bedroom, particularly if they usually host guests or have a large family.

If you are leveraging a room for a different purpose, think of designing it as a bedroom again to please homebuyers who are searching for more rooms in a house. If the guest room is cramped, get rid of the unnecessary things. Do not overcrowd the room. Just put a single dresser, one nightstand, and a bed.

If your guest room does not have a bed, think of an air mattress. Put it on a metal bed frame that’s foldable and decorate it as you would stage a regular mattress, pillows, a neutral bedspread, and clean sheets. Also, you can include a headboard. However, it is not a must.

If your guest room is very small and there are already two bedrooms, then think of staging it as something else, for example, a nursery or a home office. It would be much better than making it seem like enhanced storage space or leaving it empty.

Staging A Children’s Room

Staging a children’s bedroom can be difficult because they are typically packed with toys and furnished in a unique way. More often than not, you’ll be faced with a homebuyer with kids. Thus, do your very best to stage a kid’s room so that potential homebuyers can imagine the room to fit their needs.

Keep large toys such as tents, dollhouses, and play tables away, if possible. Put the toys in storage. In this way, cleaning the area would be easy and fast. Utilize standing organizers with drawers or containers with lids for smaller toys, and keep the entire organizer in the closet.

Choose a neutral, subtle tone such as off-white, beige, or gray for the paint. Remove or cover-up bright colors, murals, or themes. For sure, you do not want homebuyers to ponder that they will need to do huge renovations or revamps to make the bedroom suit their needs.


If you plan to sell your property faster, then it would be best to make huge improvements or updates to bedrooms. Simple updates as well as more involved projects should be considered. In this way, home buyers will recognize how magnificent the bedrooms are — staging the bedrooms in your home before the listing is, without a doubt, a must.

There are no guidelines about how to stage a bedroom to sell your home for the best price. However, the general agreement among interior designers is that a neutral design and cleanliness are the most vital.

Why You Should Stage A Bedroom To Sell Your Home

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