How to Stage Your Garage and Backyard to Make Your House Sell

Your house is all spruced up and perfectly staged for potential buyers. All you have to do now is put a “For Sale” sign in your front yard and you’ll have your house sold in no time. Or will you?

Have you really done everything you can to make your home appealing to buyers? They need to imagine themselves living in every part of your home. If you haven’t staged your garage and your backyard, you haven’t staged everything. Here’s how to stage your garage and backyard to make your house sell:

The Backyard

Homebuyers want nice backyards with exterior lighting, plenty of trees, a deck, and fencing all around. Give it to them. Some houses sell on the virtue of the backyard alone!

The first thing you need to do is clean up the yard. If there is any clutter, pick it up and throw it away or move it. This includes children’s playground equipment. The backyard should be free of any man-made objects, with the exception of permanent storage sheds or in-ground pools. Those can stay.

Next, make sure the yard looks healthy and inviting. The grass should be green, shrubbery must be manicured, and trees need to be trimmed. This may mean putting in new sod or doing some basic gardening. You should also put a couple of chairs and a table on the deck or patio to create a conversation area.

Repair anything that is broken. Fencing, doors or windows on sheds, and outdoor plumbing appliances should all be in good condition. This is especially important if you have a pool. It must be sparkling clean, free of pool toys, and the pump and/or heat pump must be in perfect working order. If you need to repair or replace a pool heat pump, resources like offer great advice on how to do so inexpensively.

The Garage

Don’t store your packed boxes in the garage while you’re getting ready to move. Just as the kitchen is one of the most important selling points to women, the garage is important to men. If yours is filled from floor to ceiling with your things, how will your potential buyers ever imagine themselves using it?

First, get rid of any storage boxes. Put them somewhere that people expect to look cluttered, like an unfinished basement, a dusty attic, or an outdoor shed. Get rid of general clutter you’re not bringing it with you when you move. Your garage must be relatively empty.

Next, clean it. Mop the floors, dust the shelves and paint the walls. Replace the garage door if it’s broken or damaged. It should look like an inviting place to put their own things.

Finally, set up the garage to look like an organized workshop. Men will especially love this. Put up a pegboard and hang some clean tools and paintbrushes. If you have shelving in your garage, put new cans of paint on it, neatly stacked spare lumber, and two or three power tools. This will create a space where potential buyers can picture a workshop and their cars.

These tips on how to stage your garage and backyard to make your house sell can make the difference between selling your house quickly for top dollar or keeping it on the market for months while you continually lower the price.

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