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Moving Day…Are YOU Ready?

It is Moving Day!  Four words that suddenly have you all tied up in knots.  Did we take care of THAT?  Is IT resolved?  Are THEY on their way?  WHO is doing that?

You have been prepping for this day and are still not prepared as you would like.  Rest assured, it is a day filled with adventure, stress, excitement, apprehension, sorrow, and a host of other emotions.  Luckily you only have 1,001 things to do, right?!

Here are a few tips to help you minimize the stressors so you can focus on the important things.

1. When possible and practical, hire professional movers.  They do this for a living so let them.  Your back, legs, and mind will thank you.

2. Clearly label boxes and tag furniture.  Putting things away at the new house is tough enough without having to relocate boxes or search for items.

3. Keep the kids and pets preoccupied.  They want to help but the last thing you want is a child getting injured because they are in the way.  This is a good day to let them stay with a friend or visit a relative.

4. Enlist the help of friends/family (if moving yourself) – The more help you have the quicker the move will be.

5. If you have hired out, be present for the pickup and delivery.  Check the movers inventory sheets, ensuring all items are accounted for.  If possible, give the movers a pre-inventory list with serial numbers, make, and model of your key possessions.

6. Coordinate with the neighbors.  It is a courtesy and you will need space for the moving truck(s) or friends/family vehicles.  Most neighbors are happy to oblige so give them a heads-up to keep tensions at a minimum.

7. Start/stop all essential services such as mail, utilities, and insurance.

8. Provide refreshments.  Water, snacks, lunch, etc. are always appreciated.

Moving Day - Courtesy of your Warner Robins Real Estate Specialist - Warner Robins Real Estate9. Either hand-carry or send valuables via registered/insured mail services.

10. Prepare a must-have kit for the new home.  Items such as alarm clocks, box cutters, change of clothes, pain relievers, snacks, disposable dishware, extension cords/batteries, linens, medications, basic tools, cleaning supplies/trash bags, pet food, toilet paper, work gloves, and toys for the kids should be handy.

11. Do a last minute walkthrough to ensure you have not left anything behind.  Lock the doors and windows, turn off thermostat/lights (if applicable), and clean if necessary.

Moving is stressful but with a little organization and preparation you can make it a fun experience for the family.  So, which box is the tv remote in again?

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