Real Estate Tips: No-Fuss Gardens for Those Short on Time

Do you wish you had a beautiful Warner Robins GA garden, but just don’t have the time to spend maintaining it? While there are many delightful home gardens that are painstakingly cared for, you can still have a garden that is the envy of the neighborhood even if you only have a little time to spare.  How do you accomplish that?  Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to having that garden you’ve always wanted.

No-Fuss Gardens

Incorporate Patios and Paths

Not all gardens are full of sprawling flower beds filled with every plant imaginable.  That requires a great deal of upkeep.  Cut way down on maintenance time by including a paved patio or a gravel path.  These will give visual appeal by helping to move your eye around the garden, and give your eye a place to rest.  And when did you last have to water a gravel path?

Be Efficient

Give some thought to placement.  Planting flowers near your garden faucet and placing your compost pile near the garden beds will cut short time spent on those chores.  Keep all your tools together so you don’t waste time looking for that rake.

Keep it Small No-Fuss Graden Tips

It may seem obvious, but the bigger your garden, the more time you’ll spend maintaining it.  Keeping flower beds small will help make them more manageable.  You can always increase their size later.

Pay Attention to Planting Instructions

Although it may be tempting to place plants close together when first creating your garden, don’t.  Follow the directions on the tag and don’t plant closer together than recommended.  It may look nice at first, but the plants will soon outgrow their space requiring you to thin, prune and maybe even remove plants later.

Don’t Use Containers

Yes, container gardening can be fun, but it is also very time-consuming.  Container plants often need to be watered daily – sometimes even twice a day in very hot weather.  Cut out the containers and you’ll cut way back on time spent watering, which as any gardener can tell you is the biggest chore in any garden.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Not only does mulch add uniformity to your garden and provide a nice backdrop for your plants, it also suppresses weed growth and keeps soil moist.  This translates to less time pulling weeds and watering.

Go Evergreen

Deciduous tree and shrubs are beautiful, no doubt.  But once they lose their leaves in the fall, that means a lot of time raking.  And deciduous trees need yearly pruning to stay looking nice.  Instead, plant evergreen trees which eliminates the need for raking.  Evergreens also require less pruning and overall maintenance.

Choose Perennials

Annuals pack a powerful punch with their riot of color – but they only last a season and then need to be taken out.  Perennials are plants that come back year after year.  They typically die back in winter and reemerge in the spring, which means after that initial planting, you won’t spend any more time re-planting.

Ask the Garden Center

Your local garden center will stock plants that are suitable for your area.  Ask the staff for recommendations of plants that do well in your area, and stick to that list.

By following these simple guidelines you too can have that beautiful garden – with very little maintenance time – year after year!

Sue Adler, a real estate expert who specializes in luxury home sales for mid-town direct communities in northern New Jersey says, “gardens add a focal point to the yard that appeals to home buyers.  Whether in the market for luxury homes or condos, buyers appreciate garden design.”

Real Estate Tips: No-Fuss Gardens for Those Short on Time

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