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Seller Tips: Minimize to Maximize

Seller Tips: Minimize to Maximize

In the current market, other than price, it seems to be all about the square footage.  Today’s families are looking for space and lots of it.  Below are 9 easy tips to eradicate the mess and minimize to maximize your space to impress buyers.

How to de-clutter - Minimize to Maximize1.  De-clutter your closets.  Put all out-of-season clothing in storage containers and donate all items you haven’t worn in a year or won’t need in the climate you are moving to.

2.  Organize your kitchen pantry throwing out all out-of-date food.  Give non-perishable items you won’t eat to friends, family, neighbors, or a local food pantry.  Sort all remaining items by food types, stack cans neatly, and use storage containers for the smaller items.

3.  Organize the smaller kitchen appliances, putting the rarely used ones in cabinets or storage and off the counters.  Make sure the space under the sink is organized and clean.

4.  Tidy the garage and donate or throw away all unwanted items.  Do you need 3 rakes or old plumbing fixtures?

5.  Remove many of your personal photos, knick knacks, and tchotchkes.  While you may want the memories, others will see the items as distractors.

6.  Clean out and tidy up the linen closet.  Match up flat/fitted sheets and put them inside the matching pillow case.

7. Donate or recycle all old magazine, papers, and paperback books.  Scan and electronically store as many documents as possible.

8.  Clean out the attic and/or basement.  If it’s broken or no longer needed, it must go.  The premise is, if you need it, why is it in the attic and/or basement?

9.  Tidy up all your cables and chords, bedside tables, and remove magnets/art work, etc. from outside of refrigerator.

If you still don’t know where to start, ask yourself the following questions and take the necessary actions.

  • De-Clutter your Home - Minimize to MaximizeIs it essential?
  • Do I need it?
  • Do I love this item?
  • Have I used it in the past year?
  • Do I have a better/newer one?
  • Do I need more than one?
  • Does it have sentimental value?

Then: Sort the items into 3 piles (boxes) and take the following actions:

  • Yes, I love it, need it, am attached to it, and/or it’s useful (Put Away)
  • No, someone else can have it (Give Away or Donate)
  • No, toss it out (Throw Away)

If you found this article on decluttering – minimize to maximize helpful, please share the information so others can also benefit.

Minimize to Maximize

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