Update Your Outdoor Space to Increase Your Homes Value

Seller Tips: Upgrade Outdoor Space to Increase Value of Home

Are you looking for a way to increase the marketability of your home?  Then one of the best, and most often overlooked, methods of making your home more appealing is to update your outdoor space.  Even if you are just looking to make your outdoor space more enjoyable to you, a deck remodel will add living space – and value – to your home.

A deck remodel is a simple project that can offer more than a 60 percent payback, and it is customizable to fit your needs and budget.  You can either go all out with a complete redesign, or choose a few small projects that will have a big effect overall.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that a deck remodel will be much less expensive than a kitchen or living room renovation, giving you a much bigger bang for your buck. Here are several tips to help you decide which project is the best way to update your outdoor space.

Composite is a great choice of material for decks

When considering a deck remodel, the first question is what kind of material to use.  Composite decks are a great choice, offering both beauty and low maintenance.  Composites have come a long way in the last few years, and there are many options available that look just like traditional grains or even exotic hardwoods.

Composites give you the appearance of wood without all the fuss – no splinters, twisted boards or rot to worry about, and you won’t need to re-stain every couple of years.  With all these great qualities, composite is an excellent choice for your deck remodel no matter the size of the project.

Update railings to bring fresh life to your deck

Updating the railings will add color, dimension and character to your deck.  They are also necessary for safety if your deck is at a higher elevation.  Railings can be updated as part of an overall redesign, or they can be part of a smaller side project to add beauty to your existing deck.

Add plants and flowers for beauty

Having a deck means being outdoors, so why not bring your outdoor oasis a little bit closer by adding plants and flowers.  Built-in planters can be added filled with plants from your local garden center.  You can also add free-standing planters with designs that will reflect the style of your home and add even more visual interest to your deck.

Furniture and accessories add finishing touches

No deck is complete without a comfortable seating area.  Sofas, chairs and chaises using weather-resistant materials and fabrics will make your new deck even more inviting.  You can also add an umbrella to make your deck comfortable even on very sunny or rainy days.  Outdoor lighting allows you to use your deck at night, so consider installing festive lighting fixtures that set a peaceful, relaxing mood.

By following these few simple guidelines, you too can upgrade your outdoor space.   Not only will it increase your living area and provide an inviting place to spend time outdoors, but it will also increase the overall value of your home.

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