Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garden in Full Bloom

Spring is finally here in Warner Robins GA.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the grass is greener.  This wonderful time of year allows us to open our windows, wear tank tops and sandals and finally plant that beautiful spring garden.

With such vivacious colors, wonderful aromas and ample pool time, spring is everyone’s favorite season — especially gardeners.  Not all of us are born with green thumbs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy and full gardens.  Don’t spend the extra money on fancy tools, expensive products or gardener classes.  Dust off the pots and tools from your gardening storage unit and follow these simple tips to grow the best garden:

Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garden in Full Bloom Survey the Yard

Has a harsh winter done damage to your existing shrubs and trees?  Take note of tree limbs that should be removed or cabled. Maintain the large trees by trimming the branches once a month.  Check fenced areas and pathways for damage caused by freezing, thawing and nosy animals.

Plant in Odd Numbers

To make your garden balanced and pleasing to your eye, plant in odd numbers.  The composition looks more natural with an odd-numbered grouping than even numbered and gives the illusion the plants are bigger and healthier.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is a wonderful tool to help keep plants healthy.  Mix chamomile with water to ward off pesky infections. It also helps prevent young seedlings from damping off (or falling victim to fungal infection), as stated on The Huffington Post.


For summer-blooming shrubs, it’s important to thin and trim regularly. Remove any dead, damaged and diseased branches from woody plants and trees to ensure your plant will continue to grow. Prune any cold-damaged wood after spring growth. If you’ve had an abnormally cold winter this year, scrape the bark and look for green. If there is no more green left in the bark, you need to dig up the plant and start anew.

Prepare New Beds

Clear the planting area as soon as the soil can be worked on.  Remove old sod, weeds and any debris.  To grow healthy plants, layer compost or manure and cultivate it to a depth of 10-12 inches.  Dried egg shells work as a great natural fertilizer because they’re rich in calcium carbonate, so keep in mind when planting.

The Easiest Roses You Can Grow

“Knock Out” roses are resistant to disease and bloom all season long, according to Better Homes and Gardens.  They are one of the better-known landscaping roses due to their cherry-red blooms and minimal upkeep.

“Snowdrift” roses are, you guessed it, white roses. The breed is easy-growing, resistant to disease and great for cutting.

Multi-Use Clay Pots

Pots offer a variety of uses in the garden.  Clay pots make great weather covers and protect young plants from overnight freezes.

Want to have afternoon tea in your freshly planted garden?  Flip over a large pot and top it off with a large saucer.  The best part?  Once you’re done with the makeshift table fill the saucer with water for an instant birdbath.


Super Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garden in Full Bloom


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