Top Tips for Selling Your Warner Robins Home in 2012 

Back in 2006—the real estate equivalent of the Wild West—houses sold as fast as homeowners could put out the “For Sale” signs. Today, selling a property takes infinitely more patience, attention to detail, perseverance, and a dash of creativity. 

Homes for Sale in Warner Robins GAA home isn’t just where we sleep and hang our clothes; in many ways its furnishing and décor reflect our personalities and offer a glimpse into who we are. But when selling a house, the idea is to let the prospective buyer see themselves, not you, in that home, so an important step is to “de-personalize” the house before showing it. 

While all those family snapshots, old drawings by the children, joke magnets, and Post-it notes may give you warm, fuzzy feelings, they will be distracting for buyers. Clear everything off of the fridge and pack it away until you move into your new house. Similarly, put away the family photos adorning coffee tables, bookshelves, and walls. Loving your family and friends is great, but you don’t want the buyer feeling like they are walking through a gallery of your family, friends, and relatives!  

Secondly, remember to focus on removing one of the most detrimental things a for-sale house can have: clutter. People accumulate clutter in the course of their daily lives, but “daily life” has no place in the magical image of serenity, happiness and cohesion that you’re trying to create in the minds of potential buyers. Search out and remove clutter in the usual spots: in corners, in closets, in drawers, on tables, and on counters. Not only does clutter give the appearance of untidiness, it also makes a room look smaller and feel more cramped. So go through the clutter and either throw it away, give it away, or pack it away. Kitchen counters should be clear except for perhaps a bowl of colorful fruit—thereby increasing the appearance of workspace and counterspace that the kitchen offers. If you have a formal dining room, you may want to put out place settings or just have some candles or a centerpiece. If the dining room is cramped, consider taking out some pieces of furniture to show off the space better. 

Homes for Sale in Warner Robins GAHaving a clutter-free and sleek house doesn’t mean it also has to look stark and cold. If you have a fireplace, use it. But instead of using wood that has to be tended, use a fire log, which burns for around three hours with no tending necessary. Invest in some plush throw rugs for the kitchen and bathrooms, picking warm colors, preferably solid. Use fragrances sparingly throughout the home to increase the home’s appeal and make it seem more relaxing. 

If your house has a unique or bold color scheme, you may want to consider re-painting with more neutral colors, such as off-white, which makes the rooms look bigger and more spacious. Taste-specific décor can be a real turn-off for buyers, so evaluate your home’s decoration scheme accordingly, and don’t be afraid to step-back from the décor: you can always re-assert your style sensibilities in your new home. 

Finally, as every Realtor will say, make sure the house has curb appeal. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a landscaper, but make sure the grass is cut and the yard is not overrun with weeds. You may want to put a couple of potted plants by the front door for a splash of color. Never underestimate the power of the little details!


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