Trust – Freely Given, Easily Taken Away!

Perhaps you trust easily? Is it always earned? Maybe you are learning to trust or do not trust at all? Ask 50 people and you will get a different answer each time based on the unique experiences, ideology, and upbringing each of us have had.

As a real estate professional, I have to develop a degree of trust quickly or you will move on. How do I do that when your value system and view on what trust is may be different than mine?

I establish early on in our budding relationship that I have your best interest at heart. Then I work my tail off proving it to you. Once we have spent a little time together and a rapport is established, we can begin on the journey of trust.


What is this journey of T R U S T we will take together?

Trust - Freely Given, Easily Taken Away! Truthful – Always! Being honest has not failed me yet. I do not have a hidden agenda nor will I keep things from you.

Reliable – I will do what I say I will, when I say I am going to do it, in the manner I said I would.

Understanding – I will listen intently, provide advice when necessary, and genuinely care that you are making the biggest decision of your life.

Show-up – Mentally. I will be prepared with the list of homes/alternates, appointments, community and covenant information, dues/fees, available amenities both on-site and off, etc. as well as a handy list of names and numbers we can call if something arises I am not prepared to answer.

Teach – I am a trained real estate professional and will provide you with as much information as you can handle in a manner you will understand.

Trust is a foundation principle in any relationship and should be nurtured and protected. I know I only get one opportunity to prove myself to you…let me prove myself trustworthy!

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 Trust – Freely Given but Easily Taken Away

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