Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal With DIY Roof Repairs

Slapping a “for sale” sign on your front lawn simply isn’t enough these days to sell your home in the current housing market. Homeowners must summon extra reserves of energy to enhance their home to tip-top shape before buyers’ interests are piqued. One often overlooked section of home improvement is right above our heads. Roof repair increases real estate value, especially if the shingles are ancient or have been ravaged by severe weather. Take these steps to enhance your roof to sweeten the deal for your home’s future owner.

Roof Safety

Roofing repairs demand extra attention to safety measures to prevent falls. If you feel uncomfortable working on a ladder or your home is multiple stories, consider using a scissor lift, which can make working on your roof much simpler and safer. Ideally, all repairs should be done on a warm, dry day. Never attempt roof repair under a blazing sun or during wet or icy conditions. Wear boots or shoes with non-slip soles to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. As with any task rife with peril, bring along a partner for assistance.

Replacing Shingles

Begin with the shingle in the second row above the one to be replaced. We’ll assume your roof is topped with the most common three-tab asphalt shingles. Slip a pry bar in the gap between the two undamaged shingle rows and gingerly lift the tabs 45 to 60 degrees to avoid cracking their brittle composure. Pry out the row of exposed nails that secure the above shingle row to the damaged one. Then, slide the bar under the the next row down to remove the nails on the damaged shingle. Work loose the shingle from its adhesive attachment, and extract it from your roof. Clean the surfaces to remove any dirt or debris. Now, position the new shingle in its proper place, nail it to the roof and then re-nail the above shingle. The final step entails resealing the three shingles with a dab of shingle cement under each tab.

Cleaning Gutters

Hire your trusty scissor lift once more, and begin purging the gutter of accumulated debris at the lower end drain outlet. A small garden spade works nicely for this task. Scoop out the slurry of dirty leaves and gunk, and toss them into a bucket for easy disposal. Next, utilize the water-blasting talents of your garden hose by equipping a high-pressure nozzle. Blast the gutter’s remains in the direction of the drain outlet until each stretch of gutter is flushed clean. For further cleaning, use aluminum cleaner and steel wool to scrub down the encrusted insides. If the drainpipe isn’t releasing water, you may have a clog. Push a flexible plumber’s auger from either the top or bottom to remove the blockage.

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