Country Life: 10 Rustic Kitchen Ideas

More and more people are considering moving out of cities filled with pollution, stress, and noise. This style of life is getting much less popular, and for those who have already made the move to the suburbs (or beyond), many are certain they will never go back to living in a city. The thought of quiet living and room to roam have a certain appeal and charm. The smell of flowers and relaxing sounds coming from a nearby stream, fresh nights and sunny mornings are just a little portion of what nature has to offer for many who decide a country setting is more to their liking.

A small cozy house in a rural setting is what many consumers are seeking. Add in the thoughts of a wrap around porch, a country kitchen, or lofts and hay barns, and you can see the allure. A good place to start if you are considering a move to the country, or you are already there, is to envision the kitchen of your dreams. This room is often the hub of the home and is where you, friends, and family will most likely spend a good deal of your time.

This article covers 10 rustic kitchen ideas to help turn that space into something you are excited about. Check out all the rustic kitchen ideas below…

Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Utilize Dark Wood with a Touch of Red

It can be a great idea to bring the outside in. Working with wood ceiling beams, floor planks, and vintage wood cabinets will give your kitchen a warm rustic appeal. You could even choose a soft wood like pine to show off the imperfections in the grain. With pine you often get wood knots, and while some think they are an eyesore, they can add a touch of country. If you look at them as a focal or complimentary feature, you are well on your way to having a rustic kitchen.

Add in old floorboards or cabinetry and the place quickly becomes very homey. It may remind you of an autumn vacation to a mountain cabin or perhaps a favorite memory of growing up. At any rate, going with dark woods (even medium coloring) can be aesthetically pleasing.

Do Not Forget about Stone Elements

Nature is not just about wood, so in order to achieve a beautiful rustic kitchen design, it is a good idea to consider incorporating stone elements in it. It could be as simple as adding a hint of stone inside the fireplace hearth or as bold as finishing a wall by covering it with river rocks.

A stone flooring option if you are tired of wood is a good choice too. While not cheap, a natural stone floor can really help make a kitchen stand out and become the showcase area in a home. Other stone tile options include:

    • Flagstone/Sandstone
    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Marble
    • Quartz
    • Slate

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to install a natural stone tile is $1,830. However, prices will vary based on location, stone type, and amount of material used.

While not that original in today’s markets, granite or quartz countertops are quite popular, even in starter homes. Slate is also a popular choice with some buyers. Make sure you comparison shop to ensure you get the best deal possible!

Add a Touch of Modern Design

Farmhouse Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas

If you are a big fan of or are not ready to implement a full-blown modern look, it can actually look quite nice when combined with rustic home features. Install a few white cabinets on a black wall and the cabinets will really stand out. Throw in shiny stainless steel appliances and the setting becomes an inviable one.

For a splash of contract, wooden stools and/or natural wood floor will tie it all together. The key is to make sure both styles are complementary so you can enjoy the best of both. Often, opposing styles will actually look good together so do not be afraid to do a little experimenting.

Consider Different Wood Colors

If you have a small kitchen, going with a dark wood may not be the best idea as it will make the room look smaller than it actually is. Instead, you should consider using bleached white wood instead. This simple change will help open up the space and make your kitchen feel and look much more airy.

While you are at it, your wooden ceiling beams will look very good if bleached with a white stain too. Lighter colors always make a room appear larger. Using lighter colors will also give a cleaner, more modern look and feel, while helping set the tone for a more rustic look.

Time-Worn Paint

It is not impossible but the task becomes harder to achieve a rustic look if you use elements that are freshly painted with traditional paint choices. A better option is to utilize distress techniques to achieve a rustic paint look. This often includes sanding to show wear and tear. There are even weathered paint choices to make the process easier. A visit to a local paint store will get you started.

Adding time-worn pieces to the space can be as simple as pulling items from the attic, basement, or storage shed. You can even make it an adventure by heading to the nearest flea market or spend a couple of Saturday’s searching for the perfect piece at local yard sales. Your choices are virtually limitless so have a plan then go find that perfect item to set off the room.

Time to Accessorize

Make sure to install cute curtains such as Eiffel’s in order to warm up the place and control sunlight, so your guests can feel cozy and relaxed. Items such as a few hand-made stone pineapple statues or carved mirrors can really make a difference in the look feel of the space too.

While your choices are only limited by your style, some items that can enhance the rustic look include:

  • Navajo rugs
  • Twig-style furnishings
  • Woolen materials
  • Mason jars
  • Wall plaques
  • Dinnerware
  • Candles/candle holders
  • Vintage scales
  • Wrought iron
  • Metal accents
  • Farmhouse sinks

Do not worry, you can not make a mistake. Feel free to play and experiment until you find the perfect items to turn your kitchen into the space of your dreams.

Keep Warm with a Fireplace Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

There is no better way to make your kitchen look and feel warmer than installing a wood-burning fireplace in it. Travel back in time while resting in front of a crackling fire. Add a wood-cook stove and complete the country look you have been searching for. Electric options can also provide the look/feel without the added cleanup.

If you have ever baked pizza or bread over an open flame it is difficult to go back to traditional methods. Besides, using an open stove fill the kitchen with a wonderful aroma and brings back the nostalgia of cooking and living in a bygone era.

Consider a Feminine Design

Many of the already mentioned ideas will provide your kitchen with a simple, masculine look, but maybe you should consider setting it up by utilizing some feminine flair. Let’s face it, wood elements are not as lady-like as pretty textiles. Consider adding a couple of cute rugs or fabric-covered chairs.

Going with white custom design (or even modern) cabinets will sophisticate the space and make it much more appealing. Of course, the best design will be achieved if you successfully combine all elements into not only a workable space but one that draws in friends and family and becomes the hub of your home.

Think Vertically

When you think of a rustic kitchen, it is difficult to not imagine seeing a hanging pot rack somewhere in the kitchen. This look is easy to achieve. All you need to do is get yourself a bunch of different sized copper pots (wrought iron works too) that you can dangle from the ceiling.

The Pot rack investment should be a small one since there are plenty of ways to do it yourself. Forget about the store, instead use old window frames if you have some stored away. Hang it with chains and add big S-hooks which will be used to secure the pot/pans.

You can also do this by repurposing a big piece of driftwood or an old barn ladder. There is bound to be something you already have on site that will work. If not, it’s time to go on a treasure hunt to find the right item. Get creative to complete one of the most important elements of your soon-to-be incredible kitchen.

Painted Wood Cabinets

If you are tired of seeing bare wood or just do not like how it makes your kitchen look, you might want to try painting some of the kitchen elements. The cabinets are always a good choice because they are one of the first things visitors will notice. You can go with the distressed look or even solid or two-tone choices can turn the kitchen from drab to fab.

Colors such as country-blue, rustic-red/green/brown, or distressed-white are good choices. Of course, other colors that you may naturally find in nature will work too. The good part about painting cabinets is if you do not like the look, you can always repaint them and start anew.

Final Thoughts

The  ideas provided above should be very helpful if you decide to redesign your kitchen and make it warmer, more intimate and welcoming. Trying to find the right balance between modern and rustic can be tricky but it is your kitchen, so make sure your style shines through. Play, experiment, and combine until you find a perfect look that suits you the best.

Additional Rustic Kitchen Ideas

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10 Smart Rustic Kitchen Ideas for Country Living

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