5 Home Improvement Projects a Seller Can do For a Quick Sale

If you’re planning to remodel your home, this is a good year to do it. For the past two years, Remodeling magazine found an increase in the return on investment in all of the 35 home remodeling projects it analyzed. Not only will you enjoy these upgrades while you’re in the home, but you’ll also recoup much of the money you spent when you eventually go to sell. Here are 5 home improvement projects a seller can do for a quick sale…

Replace the Garage Door

5 Home Improvement Projects a Seller Can do For a Quick Sale A new garage door improves the look and feel of your home and boosts its resale value. The typical garage door replacement costs $1,496, and returned $1,132 (or 75.7 percent) upon resale of the house, according to remodeling’s website. While this project probably isn’t high on your wish list, it’s easy to tick off in a weekend and can boost your lackluster curb appeal. This can be a great place to start with home remodeling, as you’ll see an immediate impact.

Replace the Windows

Replacing windows can improve your home’s insulation, which improves your four-season comfort level. Replacing vinyl windows costs an average of $13,385 and returns 76.6 percent or $10,252 of this value. Replacing wood windows costs $13,055 and returns 71.2 percent or $9,265 of your investment. Nice new windows will also boost your home’s curb appeal and the look and feel of interior rooms.

Get a New Roof

While you probably can’t see enough of the roof to appreciate the change daily, replacing the roof ensures that your home remains structurally sound. This can be vital to your home’s worth and your own sense of security. On average, a roof replacement costs $33,880 and returns $19,194 or 56.7 percent of the cost put into it. Replacing an old and worn-out roof can also help protect your home from roof leaks, keeping your family healthy and happy, according to Champion Home Exteriors.

New Siding

Replacing your home siding returns 79.3 percent for siding and 71.8 percent for vinyl siding. The cost breakdown for each is as follows: $13,083 spent and $10,379 returned for fiber-cement siding replacement, and $13,818 spent and $9,926 returned for vinyl siding replacement. If your existing home siding is old, worn, stained or moldy, replacing it is absolutely necessary. If people see siding that’s had better days, they will immediately begin to wonder what else is wrong with the house and walk away. Replacing old siding can also lower your utility bills and improve your comfort in the winter, as it has an insulating effect.

Remodel the Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. Having your bathrooms remodeled into small, luxurious areas will no doubt impress a potential buyer. The average bathroom remodel costs $50,007 and returns $29,162 or 58.3 percent of cost. You can spend more or less on your bathroom remodel, depending on the quality of bathroom fixtures you decide to install. Opt to change drop a sink into a refinished piece of furniture or only do a pricey border tile in the shower (a la Sarah Richardson’s green kids’ bathroom) so you can save money in other places. Spending extra for deluxe features, like a spa tub or heated floors, can increase your return on investment even more.

5 Home Improvement Projects a Seller Can do For a Quick Sale

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