Buyer Tips: Important Steps to Closing after an Accepted Contract

Sometimes one might think that the steps to closing after an accepted contract are easier than having a loan approved. While getting a mortgage loan approved is definitely exciting, the stress does not end there yet. Anyone who has gotten their mortgage loans approved will surely understand that the steps to closing after an accepted contract are definitely the most tedious part before one can finally move in and enjoy their new home.

Buyer Tips: Important Steps to Closing after an Accepted Contract Finding Warner Robins homes or a property in Naples FL or elsewhere and then a lending company can be quite complicated yet exciting as well. However, unlike in the movies you don’t just hand in the money and get the house keys right away. There are several important steps to closing after an accepted contract that one must consider well in order to avoid delays, forfeiture of earnest money or down payments and worse, facing lawsuits. These steps include getting the home inspected for termites, getting a home insurance, re-inspection of the house for repairs, preparing closing documents, signing closing documents, estimating of closing cost, securing title of the house, recording the deed, disbursing the funds, payment of closing cost, transferring of utilities, and finally the moving in.

The entire steps to closing after an accepted contract may take 30 to 45 days prior to move in. Delays may happen due to several reasons such as marital status change, insurance information missing and expired loan or purchase agreement. One needs the help of sales assistants, attorney and other professionals or experts. This means one has to write down all these steps to ensure the help required is already secured in advance to make sure all the things are done and completed on time. It is also necessary to have a checklist of all these steps to closing after an accepted contract to make sure all of them are settled and the sale is complete without hassle or delay.

Nevertheless, all these steps will ensure that you get the value for your money. You will have to pay for the mortgage loan and it is always great to be paying for something you are definitely satisfied and happy about. Termite inspection, homeowner’s insurance, re-inspection of possible house repairs and even securing of title and transfer of utilities are all to your advantage as the future homeowner. These steps help you find some confidence in your decision in getting such a house and some peace of mind knowing that it is worth your money especially in the long run.

Finally, it is all worth it once you get all these steps monitored, done and completed in due time. You can be sure that the time, money and effort spent on it will all be worth it. You can also include in the scheduling, preparation or planning stage the steps you have to consider once you move in. You cannot totally or fully enjoy your new house if all you have are boxes all over the place. Your family will not fully appreciate it as well if they cannot live in it comfortably. And of course, you have to make sure that the mortgage loan payments are made on time if not earlier so that all your time, money and effort are not wasted. After all, getting a mortgage loan approved and moving into a new home is not the end of the process. Ownership of such a house, without claims or security interest attached to it is the goal.


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