Home Seller Tip: Clean Houses Sell For More Money

Home Seller Tip: Clean Houses Sell For More Money

The secret to selling a Warner Robins property is not about new paints or wallpapers, but simply about the cleanliness and removal of all the clutter. This is something that sellers should always remember. It’s the little things that count.

Summit, NJ luxury home broker Sue Adler mentions that clean homes in her market sell in half the time. “Last week I had buyer from Hong Kong who looked at 10 homes and ended up making several offers,” she said, “they ended up falling in love with the cleanest, best-staged home.”

There are a number of surveys conducted as to which house or property sells for more money. And on top of the list is a clean home. It should be the first step in making a house presentable for interested buyers. A few stashes of cash for cleaning materials are definitely worth it, and will be returned to the seller in sevenfold. In fact, a majority of the agents believe that people pay more for a clean house.

The surveys say that cleaning is always on the top home improvement suggestions. Well, this is actually a must whenever a house needs to be sold. Who would want to buy a dirty house? Spend a little and reap the rewards.

In addition, there is huge difference between a tidy house and a super clean property. To make the house squeaky clean, here are some tips that can be followed by sellers and real estate agents:

  • Remove cobwebs. Buyers may not inspect every inch of the walls upon arrival, but clearing those cobwebs can surely provide a better aura for the property. And it’s not just the walls that should be out of those cobwebs; look into the other things too like the fans, windows, as well as the door frames. These are typically the places where webs build up.
  • The lighting is important too in making the house look more presentable. It is recommended that lights should be replaced, especially those old bulbs where insects have infested.
  • Polish everything! On the driveway, try to find oil spots and do best in removing the stains. As for the doorknobs, hinges, and drawer handles, these will look better when they’re shiny.
  • When it comes to the windows, it is best if these are cleaned both on the interior and exterior parts. There is even a recipe for the perfect solution in cleaning windows. The cleaning bottle can be filled with ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup of vinegar, and use distilled water as the dilute agent. And the best time to clean these windows is on a cloudy day.
  • Another important part of the house that needs to be cleaned is the kitchen, especially if the interested buyer is a Mom. Both the stove and the oven should be checked and cleaned thoroughly. To eliminate odors on dishwashers, a small amount of Tang (a breakfast drink) can be used. Empty the cabinets of all the things that are unnecessary too.
  • And when buyers look down on the floor, it can be appealing if the carpets are clean and fresh. This can be done by shampooing the carpets, and vacuuming them as well. For wooden or tile floors, mopping would be good.

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