Key Unpacking Best Practices for First Time Movers The First Time Mover's Guide to Unpacking A Home

Moving is different for everyone and emotions can run at an all time high no matter what. Whether they are positive and excited or leaning towards the more stressful side, first time buyers have a lot to take in. With so many considerations and steps along the way, it’s crucial to take a step back and reflect on your emotions. For some, packing up their things from their old home may feel rather emotional and the hardest part of the process. The sentimental feeling of boxing up a stage in your life can take a toll on you. Fortunately, these unpacking best practices for first time movers are practical tips that can be used regardless of your situation.

However, others may find that they feel the opposite and that it’s a new step in their journey. Staring at their life in boxes in a completely new location can feel overwhelming, especially when they have yet to unpack and find a new place for each item. It is even common to glance over this step when initially planning out your move because it is so stressful.

It is important to note that for those who mainly struggle with unpacking, procrastination will be your worst enemy. The excitement you feel from finally stepping into your new place is priceless, however these feelings of joy may be accompanied with dread and fear. It’s a mountain most of us do not want to climb. Where do you begin? What should be the priority? What is the deadline?

After that bliss wears off, these may be some of the questions running through your mind. While they are valid concerns, you shouldn’t let them take away from your new adventure! Keep reading for some key unpacking best practices for first time movers. Following these first time mover tips should help calm some fears and aid in you beginning that new chapter in your life!

Take Your Time Unpacking

 It can be effective to give yourself a deadline for unpacking, but don’t rush the process. It’s important to keep yourself accountable but there should be no pressure while doing so. Going at your own pace will make the entire move more enjoyable and less intimidating. If you decide to tackle it one day at a time, just be sure to accomplish something each day.

How to Quickly Unpack Your Home

Make a plan for that certain time period and ensure you achieve it that day! It can be as simple as grabbing a few items for your medicine cabinet on your way to the bathroom. Need to do laundry? Organize your dresser as you put your clothes away! Disguising certain jobs as you do normal everyday tasks will make the unpacking journey less stressful.

On the other hand, it can be just as beneficial if you section out 30 minutes each day and power through certain areas of boxes. You may even get in the zone and complete more than anticipated. Start with larger amounts of time in the beginning while you can still ride the way of productivity from the initial move. After that first week, you can begin to lessen that time as you adjust to the new home as well as your new schedule.

Create a Flexible Moving Schedule 

 Once you’ve decided you’re ready to officially start the bulk of the unpacking process, it is crucial that you develop some type of schedule. While it’s okay to take your time, a schedule will decrease the chances of you going in circles and will increase your productivity instead. It’s up to you to decide how structured you want this schedule to be, and it may be based on the amount of time you have each day to devote to unpacking.

While some are able to take time off from work to get settled, others must balance work and family when they’re going through the unpacking process. Either way, scheduling yourself some time whether it be each day or every other will ensure your unpacking gets done in a timely manner.

If you struggle with setting a schedule and like to go with the flow, it is critical to still consider creating a to-do list. While this isn’t an exact schedule, it can still help you house all of your necessary responsibilities in one place. Make sub-lists underneath your main jobs and implement throughout your week. The feeling of checking off those tasks will allow you to feel accomplished and structured even when you aren’t putting effort into writing out an entire schedule.

 Opt for the Ease of Delivery 

A large portion of the stress can stem from worrying about what you forgot and what you couldn’t fit within the move. There are simply some necessities that you do not have room to travel with. One of these things being food! It may feel like you can purchase produce and perishables with ease once you have settled into your new home. However, what happens when you need to make a meal throughout the beginning days of the unpacking process? This is an issue many movers face. Instead of sending yourself into a panic and adding unnecessary stress, look for the easy solution that online delivery brings!

With so many tech solutions that can help ease any anxiety in this area, why not utilize some of them? Opting for same-day grocery delivery can save you money and give you more time to unpack and settle in. This quick fix will save you a trip to the grocery store, and allow you to multitask without even realizing it. While you’re ordering you can even include some other home essentials as well. Purchasing some medicine cabinet staples within your order can check off a few more to-do’s!

Start with Main Areas First

Once you’ve got all your boxes moved in, it can feel quite overwhelming. You’ll want to devise a plan of attack so you can make the most of your unpacking time. Begin by unpacking items for main areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and your bedroom. Getting your bedroom situated is especially important as you’ll want to have a place to sleep after all the unpacking is done.

Another benefit to having these main areas situated is that they’ll be functional and you’ll have space to live in while you take your time with the rest of the areas in your new home. Additionally, optimizing your living room with the essentials will also give you a sense of ease when looking around your new space.

While you’re unloading your items in these main areas, it’s not a bad idea to weed out some of the things you may no longer use in your new place. For example, while putting away your kitchen stuff, you might come across repeats of utensils. Unless you think you’ll need five spatulas, choose the one that’s in the best condition to keep and either toss or donate the others. Although it can be hard to part with your beloved items, doing a little clean out while you’re unpacking provides you with a fresh start and room to add new belongings as the years go on.

Clean as You Go

The First Timer's Moving Guide to Unpacking A Home

Speaking of decluttering, you’ll want to take the first few days in your new place as an opportunity to deep clean. Although this space is new to you, it’s likely the old owners may have left some dirt and grime behind after they moved out. To start, check out the bathrooms. Oftentimes showers, sinks and toilets will need to be deep cleaned as this is where bacteria and germs tend to fester.

After you’ve tackled the bathroom, work your way to the kitchen and check out areas like the stove, refrigerator and all the cabinets. Vacuum up any crumbs that were left behind to avoid any unwelcome guests such as mice or bugs from visiting in the future. Even though unpacking is a chore in itself and cleaning just feels like an added step, you’ll be happy you did it and created a fresh space to place your belongings.

Not to mention, if you are looking to switch out any appliances or update the paint in some of the rooms, deep cleaning will allow you to get a better look at these areas. With the blank slate moving will give you, this is the perfect opportunity to prepare and easily transition these renovations. Even if you plan to settle in before completing, cleaning up now will only make the process easier in the future! Especially if you are moving into an older home, renovations can require a lot more steps, so anything you can do to ease future projects, the better!

Create a Fun Playlist

Everyone has that song, or multiple songs, that gets them motivated. Think of this list and queue it up when it’s time to start unpacking. Although it may be tempting to pop in a movie or have your favorite tv show playing in the background you’ll want to avoid it as this may distract you from getting the job done. Cranking the music and getting down to business is an effective way to unpack and have a little fun.

If you are more of a podcast type of person, this is a great option as well! Sync up your favorite genre whether it’s sports or murder mystery and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by nothing but empty boxes. You could even challenge yourself to have a certain amount of unpacking done to line up with the ending of the podcast you’re listening to at the time. This is one of those unpacking best practices for first time movers tips that is easy to implement, anywhere you are or whatever your mood.

Be Sure to Reward Yourself

Chances are, you have quite a bit to unpack. From clothing all the way to your kitchen appliances it seems the list never ends. It is crucial to be kind and treat yourself during this time. It can be all too easy to get down when it seems you are straying away from your unpacking schedule. Life happens! Take each day in stride and find ways to reward yourself throughout.

There are numerous ways to really show yourself appreciation. For example, if you finish organizing your bedroom and have your belongings in their home, take yourself out for some ice cream or a long walk! When doing these types of chores it can so easily become a thankless task. Giving an incentive while completing will make it more enjoyable as well as speed along the process. Not only will this give you a reason to finish something, the break will provide you a refresh to be more productive in the long run. Eventually, you will be all moved in – enjoy the ride!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

 Last but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to accept assistance. Teamwork will speed the process up tremendously and loved ones are typically more than willing to help! A complete move is a big undertaking and it is necessary to have more than just yourself doing the job. Having close family or friends come over for an afternoon to help you set up and organize is a great way to show them the new house and get some major tasks done! Be sure to treat them with dinner or even some refreshments afterwards.

On the contrary, if you don’t have many people to ask, there are still ways to still receive help! Luckily, hiring a moving company or just receiving help to put furniture together can be solved through utilizing technology. Through sites like Taskrabbit, there are ways to spend a minimum amount of money to have people come and help with the odds and ends of moving in. This assistance can be cheaper than you think! Not to mention, if it helps you achieve a little peace of mind, a small investment for help will improve your experience immensely. 

Final Unpacking Best Practices for First Time Movers Advice

Unpacking is unlike any other step during a move. Packing and transporting your belongings both have a distinct time frame to follow. With such an open ended deadline, it can be easy to procrastinate and leave your responsibilities for a later date. Giving yourself an incentive is necessary to successfully accomplish this step. Never forget to be kind to yourself and invest in what works for you – everyone is different! Happy Moving!

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Most Useful Unpacking Best Practices for First Time Movers

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