Real Estate Tips: Going Green in the Bathroom

Going green is something that many people are turning to worldwide. People are becoming leery of chemical components used in food, clothing and cleaning. One of the easiest ways to begin going green is to make the change from chemically based cleaning products to green cleaning products, using recyclable eco-friendly products and using products that aid in going green throughout the house. Here are four ways people are going green in the bathroom.

Real Estate Tips: Going Green In The BathroomCleaning Products

Cleaning products are by far the easiest change someone can take when they are going green in the bathroom. Consumers now have a variety of choices including making their own traditionally eco-friendly products for cleaning. An easy way to begin the green swap of cleaning products is to find an all-purpose bathroom product that will clean everything from the shower to the toilet. An all-purpose product means using less money, less containers and less cleaning supplies to achieve the right level of clean in the bathroom.

Use Microfibers

It is not often that the word microfiber comes up in bathroom talk but it should. So many fabrics that are used in the bathroom need to be cleaned regularly. Towels, face towels, hand towels, bath cloths, floor mats and shower curtains are all fabrics that will need to be cleaned. By using microfiber based bathroom linens you can ensure less drying time in the dryer and less bacteria build up on towels or any linens in the bathroom.

Use Nature for Décor

By adding a small plant or fish bowl to the room you can use nature to increase the look of the room. Plants that serve as environments are fish are a great way to add a little extra touch and some air quality to the room. If you are going green why not do it visually as well?


Real Estate Tips: Going Green In The BathroomRemodel your bathroom with recycled and upcycled fixtures. Use natural stones, woods and other items to create the bathroom of your dreams. A great idea is to use river rocks to create a bath mat or natural bamboo for flooring. This ads and added décor touch while offering a green way to enhance your bathroom. Bamboo is a great and durable wood to as flooring and it can also be used in bathroom curtains and window treatments. Stones can be used as part of the flooring or as a versatile food massage are for the ultimate spa experience.

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