Must Have Devices for a Smart Home

The term ‘smart phone’ has become as common as the ownership of these multifunctional devices. The ‘smart home’ is not quite as common, but they are growing popularity. A smart home has digital and remote control systems throughout the premises. Below are ten ‘must have’ devices for a smart home.

  1. Intercom. The room to room communication via intercom is a standard backbone item of a smart home. Besides the ability to call another room in the home, it also becomes the delivery system of music and sound for the home.
  2. Lighting control.  Dimmers and timed lighting are an important aspect of a smart home. The lighting control system will generally encompass both interior and exterior lighting. Exterior lighting for parking, water features and patio may be set on timers. Multiple light sources in each area of the home are controlled by remotes and integrated panels.
  3. Audio-visual. In addition to intercom music, a smart home will also provide very detailed options for televisions and home theatre operation. Music selection and control will also be accessed remotely.
  4. Surveillance camerasCameras have become an important part of a smart home security system. Cameras record any activity on the property while owners are absent. Cameras are also used to announce visitors at the front gate or waiting at the front door.
  5. Alert sensors. There are a multitude of sensors that can be installed in a smart home, depending on the needs of the owners. Appliance monitors for freezers to alert owners to malfunction is one of the most popular. Door and window sensors that show which doors or windows need to be closed or locked, provide an extra level of security.
  6. Window and coverings controls. Remote control of draperies and shades to let in or shut out sunlight are a perfect addition to the smart home collection. A deluxe control system will have settings for individual versus a group of windows. In addition, these types of remotes often have ‘favorite’ settings to personalize your control even more.
  7. Thermostatic control. The ability to provide full climate control for each part of the house from both a central pane,l and each room individually, is another basic of smart home functionality.
  8. Energy monitoring. Some homeowners take their energy control to a higher level by monitoring the energy use of their appliances, HVAC systems and lighting. The energy monitoring allows them to see where they can make changes that will conserve energy and lower their utility bills.
  9. Sprinkler and water management.  A smart home is not limited to the interior of the house. Timed operations of the lawn and garden sprinkler system is an important automation for many homeowners. Automation of water pumps for man-made water features gives them a very natural appearance.
  10. Remote monitoring and control. The ability to access all these features wirelessly or via the internet is becoming a definite ‘must have’ for a smart home. The capability of watching the recordings of your security cameras and checking the temperature of your residence when you’re away, decreases the need for onsite caretakers. Log into the system and change the settings, a few hours before you arrive home, to have everything ready the moment you walk in the door.

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Key Devices for a Smart Home

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