Key Things To Invest In When Moving to a New HomeThings You Should Invest In When Moving Into A New Home

Moving is probably equal parts sheer excitement and overwhelming stress. However, you can do a lot to make the process run more smoothly by preparing for it ahead of time. To ensure you do not forget something very important, it also helps to commit as much of your to-do list to paper. While moving to a new home is something the vast majority of us will face in our lifetimes, the prospect can be daunting for some home buyers.

One of the more exciting aspects of a move is getting to purchase new items for the space. But with endless decorating options available just a few clicks away, how can you best differentiate between what you need and what you do not?

While this list will not help you save money during your move, it will help you spruce up the property and show your personality too. To make the matter simpler, here is our list of key things you should invest in when moving to a new home.

Smart Gadgets for a Smarter HomeWhat to Buy When Moving Into A New Home

There is not much technology can not do these days, and investing in some of these gadgets might make your life a whole lot simpler and make it easier for you to get used to the new space. In no particular order, you might want to consider:

  • A wi-fi extender: If your new home is large, or if there are a lot of corridors and walls your wi-fi signal needs to penetrate through, an extender can help you listen to Spotify in the garden or watch Netflix in the bath.
  • Portable speakers: Installing a sound system in the entire home might be a very expensive feat. Instead, all you need are some portable speakers. You can connect them to your laptop, phone or TV, and take your music with you wherever you are. One should be enough, or two if you have more than four people living in your home.
  • A smart thermostat: If you are looking to save some energy and lower your heating bills, smart thermostats can help you control the temperatures in your home more easily and adjust them throughout the day.
  • A smart doorbell: If you want to take a peek at who is at your door even when you are away, a smart doorbell that you can sync with your phone is also a good idea.
  • A smart plug: If you have a lot of tech that needs regular charging, from your headphones to your laptop and everything in between, you might also like to consider a smart plug, which will let you control the charging from afar.

Gardening and Backyard Essentials

If your new home also comes with a garden or a backyard, you will want to ensure you have everything you need to keep that space up to scratch too. A well maintained backyard can show off the potential of the outdoor space and give you a good idea of ways your backyard can increase your home value!

For starters, you will want to take care of the grass properly. You will need either a lawnmower or a set of sheers you can use both on the grass and on the hedges. Pruning the trees is often better left to the pros, but some of the lighter branches you can do on your own.

A sprinkler system will come in handy, as well as a watering can for a more targeted attack. You will need a hose, a rake, a broom, and any other tools that will help you keep the garden tidy.

You will understand what the space needs the longer you live in it, so do not try to purchase everything all at once. Give yourself some time to get to know your garden and discover how best to utilize the possibilities.

Depending on the area you live in, you also might want to consider a bird feeder or a way of keeping certain animals out.

If you have never had a backyard oasis before, consider doing a spot of gardening yourself. You can start by growing some herbs in the tiny pots you could also keep in your kitchen window, and if you have the space, you can graduate to a more wholesome kitchen garden.

A New Mattress, Bedding, Pillows, and Sheets

There is nothing quite like snuggling up in a fresh set of sheets, on a brand new mattress, in your new home.

Your new place deserves the chance to provide the best possible night of sleep, and the best place to start spending is the mattress department. Find yourself a great mattress that fits your new bed frame and that is more in line with your sleep needs. Perhaps you are a fan of firmer mattresses? Or maybe you have discovered you do not actually shift around that much in your sleep, in which case a smaller mattress than the one you used to have might do.

Smart Things To Buy for Your New Home

The new mattress should also be accompanied by new sheets, pillows, and some new bedding. When making your choices, make sure you consider the wall colors and the general atmosphere of the room. Are you going for something neutral and crisp, or rather trying for a cozy nook?

Bedding offers you the chance to refresh your bedroom with the seasons and as the mood strikes you, so having several sets that you can switch around is a great investment.

A New Set of Bath Mats, Shower Curtains, and Towels

There is nearly an endless supply of bathroom storage tips to help you get organized and enjoy the space. Unless you have just purchased new supplies, your new space deserves to be graced with a new set of mats, a new shower curtain and definitely new towels.

Bath mats are that one bathroom item that can add a bit of luxury to the space. They will take the decor up several notches, especially if you choose a very vibrant color. The ones you already own are probably a little ragged already, and they also might not snuggly fit the new bathroom, so get yourself new ones.

The same goes for the shower curtain (and rod). The one you already own is likely not in mint condition anymore, and it may or may not fit your new tub or shower.

As for the towels, treat yourself to some new sets that match the color scheme of the bathroom(s), and get yourself a new guest set as well. Or, if you are anything like Monica from Friends, get yourself a fancy guest set too.

A New Showerhead For Your New House

When moving to a new home, one of the first things to consider replacing is the showerhead. Not that there is anything wrong with the one the previous owners have left behind, but giving yourself a fresh start in the morning (pun intended) is always best when you are hit with just the right water pressure.

First, you will not have to worry about descaling the old one, and second, you might prefer something with a filtration system, a firmer grip, or a larger head. You might also want to consider the water bill and get a showerhead that limits your expenditure.

Smarter Storage Solutions For Your New House

Moving into a new home is also a chance to get rid of all your excess possessions and declutter in style. Start by leaving behind any items you do not actually want. Once they are in your new home, you will have a much tougher time recycling or rehoming them.

Once you know what you are keeping and what needs to be stored, start considering where you want to keep what. Maybe you have always stored your toiletries in the bathroom, but there is not an adequate cabinet in the new one?

Here are some key home storage ideas that might help you get a hold of just the right storage items:

  • Clothes racks hung from the wall for your most-worn items or the ones you want to display
  • Shoe racks on the back of a door
  • Shelf space above the radiator
  • Drawers under the bed
  • A trouser rack – or you can use S hooks
  • Drawer inserts in both the kitchen and clothing drawers
  • Sofas and armchairs that come with built-in storage

A Safer and Cleaner Space

You want your new home to be as safe as possible, so investing in some safety and security staples should be near the top of your list too.

First, you want to consider an alarm system. Is there one in the home already, or is there a doorman if you live in an apartment building? Can anyone enter the building, are there security cameras, and how can you prevent someone from disrupting your peace?

The First Things to Buy for Your New Home

Depending on the neighborhood, you might want to consider a more or less intricate alarm system and a remote surveillance app for your phone too.

You also want brand new locks – the sturdier, the better. Check that the windows can be locked completely too, and ensure there is no catch that can easily be lifted from the outside. Burglar-proof locks for them are also a great investment.

A fire alarm (at least in the kitchen, but ideally in all rooms) is also a must, and you can also get yourself a carbon-monoxide detector if the home does not already have one. Fire extinguishers should also be housed at clever intervals. Since they are not the most pleasing of sights, a cupboard for them is ideal. Just make sure they can easily be accessed.

A first aid kit is also warranted, as is an emergency kit that involves spare batteries, a flashlight, a radio, and anything else you can think of that might come in handy if there is a storm or the power goes out. You also want some spare light bulbs, for every other instance.

A basic set of tools is another smart investment, especially if you are handy around the house. If not, at least make sure you have a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, nails, and a small saw. Store them somewhere safe, where the kids can not reach them.

As for the cleaning supplies you will require, there are the trash can and trash bags, window cleaner, something for the bathroom, something for the kitchen surfaces, the oven, and the floors. You can also get a general cleaning liquid for surfaces like shelves and coffee tables.

Mops, brooms, dish towels, and the like are also a requirement.

A Whole Lot of Houseplants

One of the best things to invest in when moving into a new home is a houseplant. The next best thing is another houseplant.

Our modern concrete dwellings leave too little time and space for nature, and no matter how close by the park is, or if you have a full-blown garden in the back, you still want to add that sense of calm and serenity into your space. With houseplants!

There are plenty of species that are easy to take care of, so do not worry if you are not particularly green-fingered. Alternatively, you can also get yourself some faux plants (for the bathroom, for example) if you are not sure there is enough light in a room.

From a House to a Home

Finally, you want to invest in everything that will make the space feel like home. This can be art, mats and rugs, pillows and throws for the living room, a new set of plates and glasses, utensils, and photo frames.

Even though you might be sorely tempted to start making your purchases even before you move in, try to give yourself a bit more time to live in the space. That way, you will not end up making the wrong choices. For example, you might believe the plates will be stored in the over-sink cabinet, but once you move in and spend some time using the kitchen, you end up wanting them somewhere else.

Waiting a bit will also allow you to budget more efficiently, and you will not need to return items that turn out not to match the aesthetics of the space after all. Remember, it can take years, if not decades, to make a place truly your own. So do not rush yourself into a frenzy when moving to a new home, instead enjoy the excitement of the move.

Moving to a New Home FAQs

Are there things you want to ask about moving homes but do not know where to start. This moving to a new home FAQ list should get you moving in the right direction.

What should you buy for your new home when moving? 

Buy the things you will immediately need that you either did not ship or cannot locate. While not inclusive, here are some of the things you should consider purchasing when you decide to move: cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels, shower heads, washing machine hoses, bathroom mats, plastic/paper plates and utensils, storage containers, and anything else you will need in the first few days of moving.

What is the best day to move?

The best day to move is subjective but when you have the keys to your new home, transportation to move items, and the personnel to accomplish the move, just do it. Many people wait until the weekend to move because of the convenience of having time off work.

How do I start the moving process?

Create a moving checklist to ensure you stay on track throughout the move process. Then scout out your new location either in person or online to get a feel for the communities, home prices, and a general idea of areas you want to target for a potential home.

When should I start packing for my move?

As early as practical to help clean out clutter, organize your stuff, and target key items for quick or early delivery.

What should you not pack when moving?

Never pack valuables. Always hand-carry or ship items registered/insured. You should also not ship weapons, ammunitions, flammables, and perishable items.

Moving to a New Home Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list will help you make your new home the best version of itself. Of course, you might not need every item we have discussed, or you might want to hold on to some of the older ones you have brought over from your old place.

Do not feel like you need to have everything new in the new space. But do consider making smart investments as soon as feasible, so you can truly start to enjoy yourself in your new home.

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Smart Things To Invest In When Moving to a New Home

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