The Ultimate Guide to Achieving an Organized Closet

Have you ever had the feeling that you have nothing to wear even if your closet is filled to the brim? You probably have…more than once. I know I have. If so, this ultimate closet organization guide should aid you in getting better consolidated and help you keep your clothes sanity!

Most often the problem is not lack of clothes but a storage issue. Keeping track of your possessions is difficult when they are not properly stored and easy to locate.

There are numerous disadvantages to having a messy closet from finding the right clothes in the morning to thinking you are losing it because that blouse you know you have is nowhere to be found. Do not worry! Your closet will not drive you mad, at least not literally. However, disorganization can contribute to higher levels of stress and distraction which is all the more reason to follow the steps outlined in this ultimate closet organization guide.

Unless you are one of those people who can function perfectly in a chaotic environment, taking care of the pile of clothes lurking in your closet should be on your organization short list. The clutter constantly bombards your brain with superfluous amount of stimuli and notifies that something is not done. Thus, disorganization makes it hard to relax, increasing your level of stress and anxiety. Even if you keep the closet clutter behind closed doors i.e. behind the doors of your closet, it can still have a negative impact on your mental state.

Enough with the wobbly psychological stuff. Let’s concentrate on the solution to the problem!

Ultimate Closet Organization Guide

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

That old saying pretty much sums up the function of your closet. However, there are things that have no place in there. Everybody indulges bad organizing habits. Traditionally the closet is one of the most popular choices when you need to quickly hide the mess. When in a hurry, you are tempted to just toss your clothes in there, without putting them in order. This is a simple solution but it will soon turn into clutter drama.

It is time to closely examine your closet and the items you keep in it. Regular house cleaning and organizing is common sense and vital to keeping it tidy. If you have not performed a good cleaning in a while, setup a time and do not hesitate to jump right in. Some experts suggest taking everything out which is a good way to sort all your clothing and see how much available space you really have.

Closet Clean Up

Closet Organization Guide

Any makeover begins by getting rid of old “stuff”. De-cluttering is a necessary step towards achieving your dream closet. Cleaning the clutter is a tough process. In the course of time you have most likely accumulated a lot of pieces, some of which have sentimental value. A good approach is to start by putting aside the items that you most certainly do not need or love anymore. It is often as simple as starting with damaged, worn out, or obsolete clothes.

If you are like me, letting go will not be easy. We get attached to objects. If you are able to overcome your primary emotions (sentiment/wants), and attempt to look at the closet from a rationale viewpoint, the decision making process will be much easier.

Divide your clothes into four groups: keeping, donating, throwing away, and to be reconsidered after the initial sort has been completed (be especially careful not to go overboard with this category). You can also try selling some of your well preserved clothing either online or via a garage/yard sale. Whatever you decide to do, de-cluttering should be your driving force.

Solid Closet System 

The secret behind every organized closet is having an optimized system (the secret is now out). This is vital for limited spaces.  If you want to create a user-friendly and efficient closet, you need some serious planning. It will also assist in making regular cleaning and organizing easy to perform. Take into consideration the size and shape of the space and adjust your needs/wants as necessary. For instance, putting in a small dresser, storage shelving, or a bench could be a smart home improvement choice.

You can then roughly divide your closet into two zones: easy access and hard to reach areas.  Decide what will go where and how you can make organizing and access less painful. Position the items that you use on a daily basis at eye-level. The less-used stuff should go up on higher shelves.

Storage Solutions

Before you go shopping for storage solutions, you really need to review your needs. Many people simply enter a shop, grab whatever they like first, and often leave with items that will not meet their intended purpose. Stick with the essentials such as hangers and drawers for the fold-able items. Here are some other options to consider:

  • Shelves

If well designed, open shelving will save you time when browsing through your clothing in the morning. Do not go to extremes though because it may achieve the opposite effect. Shelves can take up most of your precious space and make cleaning a real challenge. Use dividers like colorful storage boxes if you have the space.

  • Containers

You have a variety of choices that should easily suit the design of your closet. Bins and baskets are perfect for grab-and-go items like underclothes, socks, scarfs, or other miscellaneous items. If you have a lot of boxes make sure to label them. Use these storage solutions wisely. For example, you can keep your shoes in individual plastic containers.

  • Racks

Not all closets are made equal. If your place is tiny, take advantage of the vertical space. Hanging racks and closet armoires will maximize the storage area. You can use it to store belts and jewelry.

  • Hangers

Invest in good quality and uniform hangers. This is a small detail that makes a huge difference. Toss away the cheap dry cleaning hangers and replace them with solid ones. They will preserve your clothes and will add a classy touch to your closet.

How to Create an Organized Closet

Clothes Organization

Now that you have created an efficient closet system, you need to know how to organize your clothes. The simplest and most practical way is to corral like items together. This is similar to the way you sort file folders by date, name, etc. Group your clothes in terms of style, uses, colors and occasions. Have a system and you will not waste anymore time hunting for an outfit.

Closet Features

You should treat your closet as any other room. If the space allows it, add a fresh coat of paint. Lighting is vital, so ensure yours adequately lightens up the room. A single overhead may be enough depending on the closet size. Go posh and install shelf lighting. It is definitely not cheap, but it is super effective. Stick-on LED lights are an inexpensive alternative. Do not forget to find a good spot for a full-feature mirror if possible too.

No matter how amazing your closet design is, your efforts will be futile if you do not take the time to keep it clean and organized. Remember, a few minutes a day keeps the clutter away!

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