Best Winter Décor Changes for Your Home

Whether you’re looking at new houses to buy or you’re getting ready to show your house to sell, investing in some basic improvements can make all the difference. In fact, during the colder weather, a few winter décor changes to your home can make a huge difference. The aesthetic of your home matters to you and your guests who want to feel welcome, and to potential buyers who want to picture themselves in your space.

Making some décor updates to your home’s décor can set the tone you’re looking for and send a welcoming message to all who enter your space. Winter is a great time to make those improvements inside, given the less than favorable weather outside. Here are some of the best winter décor changes you can make to your home this season.

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Start with Fresh Paint

Winter is the perfect time of year to paint inside your home because of the low temperatures and humidity levels. Take advantage of this weather and add a fresh coat of paint to the rooms inside your house. You can even change up the color palette for a brand new look.

If you’re in the process of putting your home on the market, having a fresh coat of paint is a great way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. In this case you probably won’t want to use any bold colors or make drastic color changes since you’ll hopefully be selling soon. Instead, paint your walls in neutral tones so any potential buyers can make the changes they want upon purchasing your home. Shades of white, tan, beige and even light grey make great choices in this case.

Alternatively, if you’ve recently purchased a new house some fresh paint can make the space feel more like your home. Paint allows us to show our personality and set a tone within a given space. If you want to make an impact, paint an accent wall with a bold and deep color. Sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green and burnt orange all make for great deep and bold choices that really make a statement. Adversely, you can include more subdued colors for a more tranquil feel in a room. Pale yellow, light turquoise and lavender are options that allow you to still add color in a less obvious way.

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Add in Seasonal Home Décor Touche

Given the time of year you’re making these winter décor changes, it’s only right that you should add in some seasonal touches as well. Winter is a time of year that really stands out in terms of having specific décor options that make you feel encompassed by the season. Décor for this time of year also goes far beyond the holiday season, which is merely at the very beginning of the winter season.

Post holidays, you can do something as simple as changing out your welcome mat to a more winter-y themed one. Instead of ornaments and holiday characters, utilize a mat with snowflakes, hot cocoa and snowmen for something that will last through the end of March. While taking down those holiday decorations at the end of the year, you can leave some of them out for a whimsical addition to your winter home décor. Those string lights that once hung on your tree can turn any room into a softly lit haven. Crystal snowflakes can also be hung inside windows with small command hooks for a beautiful ode to the snow that will be falling for months to come.

Update Your Furniture

Nothing shows off your home’s, or your own, personality quite like the furniture you choose to display. Having outdated and worn out furniture, for example, will send the wrong message to anyone who enters your home by making it seem as though you are irresponsible, uncommitted and messy. One particular piece of furniture you want to make sure is up to date is your sofa. Having a lumpy sofa with faded and saggy fabric is a huge turn off to any guests. Replace your sofa with a new version that is not only comfortable, but also represents you and your home. A leather one will give off a sophisticated feel, while fabric or polyester will make a room feel more comfortable.

You should also take a look at any wooden furniture in your home, like end tables, entertainment centers, beds and dresser sets. If any of them are chipped, stained or showing other signs of wear and tear, you’ll want to replace or repair those as well. Having broken furniture also sends your guests the wrong message, so if a knob has fallen off, something won’t swivel or it is lopsided, take the time to repair those items. That way they’re working properly and your home is in functioning order for any visitors.

Give a Cozy Feel to Your Home

With the frigid weather comes a want and need to be as comfortable and cozy as humanly possible. Make sure your home is not only welcoming to those coming in from the cold, but also a haven of coziness to you and your guests.

There are several easy ways to instantly cozy up any space. The first is with candles. There is something about the warm, flickering glow of candlelight that instantly soothes and relaxes you. Incorporate candles throughout the entirety of your home’s décor so no matter what room you’re in, you can instantly make it cozy by just lighting some candles. You can hide your candles in lanterns or decorative holders, or you can leave them in plain sight. Either way, they add an essential touch of warmth and coziness to any room’s décor.

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Another easy way to add instant coziness is by incorporating soft items into a space. This can be in the form of rugs, blankets, pillows or even decorative knick-knacks. With the winter chill, these soft items will make any person entering the room feel comfy and cozy just by looking at the items.

A faux fur rug or pillow adds texture to a room while also making people want to cuddle up on or with it. And nothing screams cozy quite like an oversized, super soft blanket draped over the back of your sofa. It’s guaranteed you or your guest will find yourself wrapped up in it while relaxing with a warm beverage.

Small knick-knacks also play a role in making your winter décor cozy. Whether it’s through some decorative feathers you have on display or in fake snow you have surrounding a winter village, these small touches make a world of difference in the statement your home is making through its décor. Plus they add an element of additional comfort to the surroundings.

Upgrade Your Basement

Winter also makes for an ideal time to make some necessary renovations inside your home to boost your property’s value. Whether you’ve just moved in or are preparing to sell, upgrading your basement is a great investment. Plus it allows you to have some additional space for entertaining or just a place to enjoy a hobby or activity.

The long months of winter will give you the time you need to transform your unfinished concrete basement into a warm and inviting space where you’ll want to spend your time. Plush carpeting or large rugs will insulate the space which is generally colder since it is underground. You can also add in an electric fireplace or heater for additional warmth.

From there you can customize the additions in your basement to your activities and preferences. If you plan to use it as a place to entertain guests, consider adding in a bar and a sectional for plenty of seating and fun. You can also transform it into a multipurpose room and section it off for a variety of activities. For example, you can include an entertaining space on one end and create a home gym at the other end. There are plenty of options that come with your renovated basement; your imagination is virtually the only limitation.

Play With Light

Since this time of year is generally more gloomy and overcast outside, winter provides you the opportunity to make light part of your home’s décor. The lighting of a room works in conjunction with it’s décor to help set a tone. Candles, again, are a simple and easy way to add a soft and warm light to a room if you want to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Finding ways to include string lights into your décor will give you that same soft and warm glow. You can put battery operated ones inside vases that you scatter throughout the room for a subtle touch, or have a wall with the lights cascading down like glimmering water for a more obvious light based décor option.

With it typically being more grey outside during winter months, it’s a great time of year to include adjustable lights in your home. This can be done by changing out your light switches to a dimmable dial so your home’s lighting can be as bright or as soft as you prefer. You could also change out your light bulbs for an even easier solution. Replace your bulbs with ones that offer three levels of light so when you need really bright light or softer light, you have the options available.

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Winter is a season with very little greenery outside; make sure that’s not the case inside your home by incorporating plants into your home décor. Including potted plants in your space does wonders for both the room and your personal health.

Having that little bit of green in your house will add life and instantly brighten even the gloomiest of places. Plus, having them inside will aid in making you healthy as plants are known to have purifying qualities that take toxins out of the air you’re breathing. Because of this purifying ability, their rich color and your responsibility in taking care of them, plants also aid in improving mental health.

Even if you don’t necessarily have the greenest of thumbs, there is a house plant out there for you. Some easy to take care of plants include aloe, lavender, spider plants and succulents.

Use Pops of Color

Color plays a huge role in décor. Deep shades can make the biggest impact in livening up a room, especially when scattered about. Look for places it makes sense for you to add some color. This is one of the easiest winter décor changes to implement and the results can make your space stand out.

Those cozy décor items you’re including, like blankets, rugs and pillows, are one easy and great place to include bright and deep colors to match your room. Decorative vases for your plants or cut flowers will add both color and texture. You can also include color in larger items like your fabric sofa or through an accent chair.

When you scatter bold shades throughout each room of your house, you’re brightening up your entire home while adding some personality for a more welcoming environment.

Get Rid of Clutter

One thing that should not be included in your home’s décor is clutter. While taking the time to change up your décor for the season, make it a priority to eliminate clutter from your home. If you’re getting ready to sell your home this is especially important as clutter makes a space look and feel smaller.

Take the time to organize and get rid of anything in your home you aren’t using. For those things you do want to keep, make organizing them part of your décor. Storage ottomans are a functional and useful way to organize your clutter and keep it out of sight while also providing you with extra seating.

Have Personal Statement Pieces

Especially if you’ve just moved into a new home, it’s important that your new place includes personal statement pieces in the décor. Dedicate a wall to display personal photos of your favorite memories and moments throughout your life. You can also include older photos from relatives to add some personal family history to your décor.

Family heirlooms also make for great décor pieces, like that tea set or sewing machine your grandma passed down to you. Put these items out on display for easy conversation when hosting guests and to also remind you of your past.

Beyond those older items, be sure to include some new ones that really speak to you and reflect your personality. If you spent some time abroad, enlarge one of your favorite photos and have it made into a canvas to display in your home. These decor pieces add life to the space while also showing a piece of you will help to make your new house feel like home.

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Winter Décor Changes For Your Home

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